The roadside and our eyes

We travel every day and cross the roads. Maybe the biggest thing we do without us is that we travel and we travel on the road. It can be a small mistake and a big mistake. A horse cart on countryside road

A horse cart on countryside road 

Jeep on mountain road
Jeep on a mountain road

The motorway too and we keep walking. It’s a different matter that we don’t feel it because it’s become our routine life. The game walks on the roads, walks fast and runs and we like it so much that we walk. From bicycle to bicycle to motorbike to motorbike to car and from car to plane to airplane, we have built a fast-moving spacecraft for our own burning and we are thinking that it will happen that we Make a time machine so that it can move faster and farther away from our land because we want to walk

A small road to a village
A small road to a village


A donkey cart on a road
A donkey cart on a road

In a troubled human life in which human behavior is an important role, human beings are inclined to try to adjust themselves well in this world. As far as the work of basic necessities is concerned, they are reflected but to fulfill a comfortable life. You don’t have to run to run and you have to run fast, but the beauty is that life is lived slowly, even the basic needs are met.

You are closer to nature and you are very happy and satisfied. That is the reality. If this is to be understood, in the present pictures, some old men are moving forward with nature without any worries and starvation, and this is an example of whether you will love nature, then nature will be with you. Love will be given to you as a gift in case of happiness. If you understand, there is a lot hidden in these pictures and maybe some people who think deeply will understand the meaning very well. Thanks for reading. If you like it, share it with people

A road to village with traditional horse cart
A road to village with a traditional horse cart                                                                                                                Images of the road with traditional donkey and horse carts.

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