Foggy windscreen editorial images with explanation

The windscreen of your car in foggy weather

When the humidity in the air rises and the temperature drops, then smoke begins to appear in the atmosphere in the form of fog. This often happens in the winter and when you are traveling in a car.

If you are reading this milk on your windscreen, it becomes very difficult to drive your car and it is said that you should try your best not to drive in such weather as there is a possibility of damage but some People like to drive in the desert in weather where there is no danger of harm and to enjoy the weather well.

Some people walk in the fog without warm clothes and show their bravery. Some people are seen writing their names on the foggy glass in the car. Similarly, some people are taking it out of their mouths and showing the smoke to others.

Below are some pictures which I will see people traveling in dangerous foggy weather. Please refrain from traveling in dangerous weather.

Foggy windscreen and a cup of tea
Foggy windscreen and a cup of tea


Colorful foggy windscreen
Colorful foggy windscreen                                                                                                                                                      Editorial images of a windscreen during foggy weather with heart shape on it and colorful background.

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