Candles light and its attractive beauty

Candles light with smooth light

Lamps have always been important during the day because the nights are dark and the lighting in this dark night is well arranged because of these lamps. It has had different shapes in different cultures but in some cases at night.

Lamps that produce light have been with a man. Then with the passage of time innovation came. Kerosene lamps made of their oil said goodbye and were replaced by a candle made of wax. Today you have a lot.

One of the major advantages of using candles in various festivals is that one is cheaper and the other is smaller in size. There is no difficulty in moving lamps from one place to another.

In different societies, people sit and perform prayers and other activities by lighting perfumes and accompanying lamps in different gatherings. Below are some pictures.

Burning candle with a background
Burning candle with a background


Two candles burning with a girl in background
Two candles burning with a girl in the background


Candles burning in hands
Candles burning in hands


Candle light and hands image
Candlelight and hands image


Candles light and hands
Candles light and hands                                                                                                                                                          Images of candles burning in darkness with beautiful light in hands

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